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Products in: /Dye/Auxiliaries
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Pro Dye Activator - 1lb Pro Dye Activator - 1lb
Alkali fixative for use with all Reactive dyes on cotton and cellulose fibers. …
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Synthrapol - 4 oz Synthrapol - 4 oz
Synthrapol Concentrated surfactant.  Use to remove sizing before dyeing or after to remove excess dye. 4 oz.…
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Citric Acid Crystals - 1 lb Citric Acid Crystals - 1 lb
Citric Acid crystals.  Can be used in place of vinegar in the dyebath. 1 lb.…
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Sodium Carbonate - 1 lb Sodium Carbonate - 1 lb
Sodium Carbonate, also known as washing soda, or soda ash.  Used to create a basic solution for fiber reactive dyei…
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Urea - 1 Lb Urea - 1 Lb
Urea 1 lb…
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